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Booking Process

  • All consultations at The Hormone Clinic will be remote via telephone or video link for the foreseeable future.

  • During lockdown, feedback from patients about remote assessments has been favourable. It allows assessment and treatment to occur from the comfort of your own home, reduces travel costs and allows patients to have access from all over the UK.

  • Once you have made a booking you will receive a questionnaire about your lifestyle and symptoms. This should be completed and emailed back before your initial appointment.

Initial Consultation

  • During this consultation I will take a detailed medical history, discuss your main symptoms and their impact on your life. I will also discuss relevant lifestyle factors.

  • Blood tests required and further investigations will be arranged if indicated such as pelvic ultrasound or mammogram.

First Follow Up Appointment

  • This will take place after about 10 days once your blood test results are available. I will discuss the results with you and explain their relevance to your condition.

  • Your individual Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy regime will then be prescribed as well as any supplements or other medication.

Second Follow Up Appointment

  • This will take place after about 6 weeks to give you time to get used to the treatment. I will discuss with you how things have been and how things have improved.

  • We may adjust the medication at this stage and it may be necessary for you to have more blood tests or other investigations if indicated.

Further Follow Up Appointments

  • These will take place at 3-6 month intervals where I will review your progress and optimise your hormone balance by making any changes necessary to your BHRT regime.

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Diagnostic Tests

As part of your treatment at the clinic you will require blood tests after your initial assessment and the results will be used to formulate your individualised treatment plan.

You may also require further blood tests if indicated after a follow up consultation if the treatment plan needs to be changed.

If you intend for your GP to perform the tests, please ensure they will cover each item in the list for your particular test as some NHS GP’s do not as standard test for every test we require.

Once payment for the specific blood tests have been paid for, a test kit will be delivered to your address including everything required to take the blood test (equipment, container, forms, prepaid postage for return).

You will need to arrange for your bloods to be taken by a phlebotomist. For a small fee you can attend your local NHS hospital or The Hormone Clinic also has access to a phlebotomy service across the UK. To find your nearest Superdrug Clinic and book your appointment, click here:

Select the clinic you would like to visit and then select “pay instore venous collection”.

Alternatively, it is possible to attend The Doctors Laboratory (TDL) for a blood draw (venepuncture) service.

You will need to pack and post the blood samples in the pre-paid envelope and post back to the lab.

Your results will be available between 7 and 10 days.

Treatment Costs:

Every patient will receive a personalised treatment and medication plan.

We Offer 2 Types Of Consultations.

  1. Initial Consultation – £300 Duration 45 minutes.

  2. Follow-up Consultation- £140 Duration 20 minutes.


​We require payment at the time of booking to secure your consultation. 

Blood Tests
  1. Biochemistry profile                  £300

  2. Female hormone profile          £250

  3. Male hormone profile               £300

  4. Thyroid profile                            £120 – £150

Other Tests

It may also be necessary to have other tests such as a mammogram, depending on your symptoms and test results. I work with a number of trusted partners who are able to provide these tests and I will advise you of these when necessary.

  • Pelvic Ultrasound Scan.

  • Mammogram.

  • DEXA Scan.

Repeat Prescription Service         £30

This is for my existing patients who have already been seeing me for at least 12 months and do not wish to change their current treatment plan. You must also have a future booking with me.